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Teaching English in Berlin

Teaching English in Berlin

TESOL jobs in Germany with OnTESOLBerlin is becoming a dynamic, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated hub in the creative service economy. The city offers plenty of job opportunities and a progressive urban environment that you will not encounter anywhere else in the world. Berlin is a great city to live and work if you are a young professional who likes to work hard and play hard. This page will tell you everything that you need to know about teaching English in Berlin!

Guide to Teaching English and Living in Berlin

The LIfestyle

Standing on any street corner, you’ll hear a variety of languages being spoken because Berlin has become a desired place to live by many people from all over the world. Its arts scene is one of the best in the world and the cost of living remains relatively low compared to other international cities. In Berlin, you will not have to worry about trying to find good Lebanese or Russian food, it’s all right there!

This being said, Berlin holds on tight to its German and Euro culture, closing down shops on Sunday, encouraging its inhabitants to enjoy leisure time such as heading to the lake with family or friends or sitting on the river bank as the sun goes down. Be sure to also check out the Templehof, an abandoned airport turned park with tons of green space, community gardens and annual festivals. This is the kind of progressive and artistic environment that will make you want to teach English in Berlin!

Finding Good Accommodation in Berlin

The most vibrant neighborhood for all creatively inclined people has to be Friedrichshain. Bustling with street musicians by night and electronic music, art galleries and remnants from the old wall, this is sure to be the hippest place in town for those who want to teach English in Berlin.

Gentrification has most certainly found its home in Berlin. That being said, Kreuzberg is a welcoming place for immigrants and expats alike. Squatters and artists were known to dwell here in the 80’s and 90’s and it is becoming more hip and chic to live here. This being said, there is a tight-knit community fighting to preserve the neighborhood’s roots. Be sure to check out many of the neighborhood’s hip cafes and restaurants and The Kunstraum Bethanien, an art centre which once functioned as a hospital.

How to Find English Teaching Jobs in Berlin

Unlike many Asian schools that reimburse flight costs, Berlin is slightly different. It is preferable to be living in Berlin to get your foot in the door at any number of schools. Many who teach English in Berlin teach at a variety of schools around the city. The demand is higher for business English teachers, so make sure to add a Teaching Business English specialist to your TEFL course!

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