TESOL Job Hunting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

With the right qualifications, it is fairly easy to find a TESOL job in the United Arab Emirates. Learn how to apply for jobs with ADEC or private schools, how to pass the interview, and how to prepare for the job.

Apply for Teaching English Jobs in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, UAE

Most Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) schools in Abu Dhabi, as well as private language schools all over the United Arab Emirates, use recruiters to assist with their hiring activities. Schools have to hire hundreds of teachers every year, so they need the help of recruiters to process job applications, obtain work permits and make travel arrangements. Teachers prefer to use recruiters based in their home countries because they provide a great point of reference during the application process.

There are five major recruitment agencies operating in the United Arab Emirates, so if you do not get the service and attention that you think you deserve when you submit your application, you can contact another recruiter.

Teach English in Abu Dhabi Public Schools

The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license.  A MA degree in Education or related field plus 2 or more years of teaching experience are preferred. The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) does not require a TESOL Diploma, but more lucrative jobs in the UAE do.

How to Pass the ADEC Interview

How can you set yourself apart? If your recruiter selected you from the large pool of applicants, then you stand a great chance of getting the job. In this video you will find tips for making a great impression during the interview.

How to Prepare for Teaching English in the UAE

After you get your teaching job in the UAE, learn everything you can about daily life in the UAE and what other teachers have experienced on the job. Immerse yourself in the Emirati culture in order to have a better work and life balance. Learning Arabic would be a great start, as Emiratis value the effort that native English speakers go through to learn their language and you will better understand your students as they acquire the English language. As our 250-hour TESOL Diploma graduate explains in this article, being proficient in Arabic has helped him build rapport with his ESL students.

For many experienced schoolteachers, this would actually be their first time teaching English as a second language. Having an MA in Education and being a native speaker does not mean you will be ready for the job. Teaching English effectively requires good knowledge of grammatical rules and the use of proper methods. In many occasions, you will be required to adapt the textbook according to your students’ needs and even create the curriculum that you are prescribed by generating your own lesson plans. Completing an advanced TESOL certification course is highly recommended for everyone who is interested in teaching English in the UAE.

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