Advanced TESOL Certification for The United Arab Emirates

Teaching English in the United Arab Emirates comes with its own unique challenges. Advanced TESOL certification is highly recommended for teaching English in a country that values and greatly rewards excellence in education.

The 250-hour TESOL Diploma offered by Coventry House International-OnTESOL is perfect for those who have completed an MA in Education, English, Linguistics or a related field, but have not completed any TESOL training.

TESOL United Arab Emirates

Testimonial – Greg Askew: “The TESOL Diploma helped me get a better job in the United Arab Emirates. I was hired by ADVETI after my first year with ADEC, and then I got a great job as an IELTS instructor thanks to the training I received from OnTESOL. I highly recommend this program!”

250-hour TESOL Diploma - Advanced Certification Online

In this advanced TESOL certification course, you will get the most comprehensive training in grammar and phonology, and you will learn everything about using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods in your class (See course syllabus). The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is preferred by Canadian, US, and British teachers who are teaching English in the UAE because it adds to their educational background and experience better than any other TESOL / TEFL course.

Teaching grammar, teaching writing skills, and using authentic material in the classroom are some of the major challenges that ESL teachers face in the UAE. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma program will train you to select material and activities that are appropriate for your students, and you will be better prepared to help your students overcome their challenges.

Internationally Recognized TESOL Certification!

Those who complete a separate 50-hour Practicum after the course are eligible for TESL Canada Standard 2 accreditation. There isn’t any deadline to complete the Practicum and you can take this module in the UAE if you have access to a qualified supervising teacher and a class with adult students.

TESL Canada accreditation is highly recognized worldwide and it is necessary for teaching English in Canada, so the 250-hour TESOL Diploma program offered by Coventry House International-OnTESOL is perfect for Canadian teachers interested in continuing their TESOL careers at home.TESOL Certification Abu Dhabi ADEC Dubai

How is The 250-hour TESOL Diploma the Best TESOL Certification?

The standard for TESOL certification courses is a 120-hour course with Practicum such as TESL Canada Standard 1, Trinity CertTESOL, or CELTA. These 4-week courses consist of a minimum of 100 hours of advanced training in the theory and methodology of TESOL and a 20-hour Practicum. The 250-hour Diploma program is an extended version of the 5-week Trinity CertTESOL / TESL Canada Standard 1 course offered by Coventry House International in Toronto and it is much more comprehensive than a 4-week CELTA. Click here to find out why the TESOL Diploma is better than CELTA.

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