Immersing myself in the Thai culture has been such a joy.

I am living in Thailand to see and to learn about other parts of the world while sharing what I know and making good use of my language skills and education. 

I chose Bangkok because of its affordability, diverse mix of people, and world-renowned reputation for being one of the friendliest cultures in the world.

Teaching English in Thailand with BFITSAbout the Author: Dorian Galindo is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. 

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Learning from the Culture

The main challenge I have had to face here is the different style of communication that makes work and general communication sometimes difficult.

Thai people do not like confrontation and do not emphasize direct communication, so many problems that can be solved with simple two-way communication can remain unresolved or eventually become a much larger problem. 

If you are patient and maintain a tolerant and positive attitude, these situations can resolve themselves easily. 

As a way of managing conflict, I would also recommend keeping an open mind. While teaching abroad is fun, it takes a lot of getting used to.

Remember that it is equally important to take care of yourself, so be fair to yourself and give any opportunity a fair chance for you to enjoy it!

How to Adapt My TESOL Course Into Context

My TESOL course taught me many valuable strategies for organizing and engagement.

Now that I am in a real teaching context, I have had to learn how to adapt these strategies to the timing of my class and to a variety of age groups and personalities I am teaching.

A TESOL course can teach you about the variety of contexts one might teach in and how to plan a lesson for a variety of different learners. 

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I chose to teach with BFITS because it is unlike many of the English language schools in Thailand.

The school’s programs and management both have an excellent reputation. In addition, I was attracted to the unique program for which I was offered a position.

Finally, the school offered me a position that was in close proximity to where I live.

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