I came to Bangkok, Thailand because I felt the desire to learn about Thai culture.

The culture exchange is an invaluable experience for me. I highly value learning from people who have different experiences, beliefs, and values.

It provides a diverse perspective on life that I think keeps me constantly growing and learning.

I have been in Thailand for 9 months and I love it. The experience has altered the way I perceive the world and how flexible I am in my surroundings.

BFITS Review - Teaching English in Thailand

About the Author: Anna Pierce is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. Get free job placement in Thailand with OnTESOL!

Save Money Teaching in Thailand!

Saving money is another thing I love is about teaching English in Thailand.

Although I make way less money in Thailand than I could be making in the USA, the cost of living in Thailand actually makes my standard of living here a lot better than in the USA.

I can afford medical care and vacations here that I could never afford in the USA (even with the high salary).

Some teachers I know are also able to save money to pay off their student debts.

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Working With BFITS

Angel Ha, the Human Resources Manager, is a very charming and convincing human, so obviously I knew that I wanted to work for BFITS after the interview.

The school I teach at goes a long way to make teachers feel appreciated.

For example, it is very common for them to hold ceremonies honoring our work, as you can see in the picture above.

Another great thing about BFITS is that the schools are equipped with the latest technologies, which make our job easier and motivate students.

Every student has a different learning style, so the technology provided supports teachers with the tools we need to customize our lessons.

TESOL Certification

My TESOL course prepared me for the actual in-class experience. It led me to develop meaningful teaching techniques which I now use while collaborating with other teachers. Having a good sense of lesson planning and the use of authentic material is key for any teacher who wants to succeed in Thailand.

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