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TEFL Thailand: Job Hunting

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TEFL Thailand: Job Hunting

Alright! You’ve decided to teach English in Thailand. Now what? Job hunting in Thailand requires getting well-informed, so go to the library and get a bunch of books on Thailand. Then go online and start searching for jobs.

People have been teaching ESL in Thailand for a while now and you will not have any trouble searching out loads of opportunities and reviews as well as expert advice.

It can be a bit overwhelming, but simply put in some time and all the BS will start to fade away. Soon you’ll be able to scan the whole country for job openings on a daily basis from the remote comfort of basically wherever you want to be.

Take Your Time to Find a Good Job – TEFL Thailand

My advice is to try to enjoy this because it is the worst stage in the whole process. Finding a job is always rough, you have to make your resume, sell yourself, figure out what employers want to hear, and decide exactly how much you are willing to put up with.

Once you get your momentum going, your CV will be tight, and you’ll find a job that works for you.

There are a lot of jobs for teachers in Thailand, and some are better than others. With respect to pay, job location, and work environment you can basically find a really good job if you have a really good TESOL certificate and some experience, or you can get a job for a little less pay and in a more remote area if you are less qualified.

The challenge is to take the time and try to get an idea of each position you apply for. Get a feel for how your day will be (ask questions) and decide if you can live like that for the duration of the contract. Simply realize how much fun it is learning about all these possible future lives and seeing which ones fit and which ones don’t.

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What to Look for in a School – TEFL Thailand

Nobody is really ever ready for teaching in Thailand. My first job in Thailand was amazing! My class overlooked this rural river and it was like a dream, but then it all went wrong.

I don’t want to cause worry but there are some shady players in the language school game, so some things to watch for in a good employer are:

  1.  Teacher autonomy. Do you have to leave your passport with your boss? Does your boss require a key to your room because the last teacher lost theirs? That’s weird. For me, it was a nightmare not to have a space my boss couldn’t reach me at.
  2. Payday. If there is a problem on payday, if some account got linked to some other account, if payday is going to be delayed this month, or if the payment is calculated on some weird system, then that is just not good. A school is only going to be as good as its teachers, so if you are not treated well then it’s a clue that the level of the school is low. Here is when it’ll pay off to have done some research.

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