TESOL Jobs in Canada

Job Market

TESOL Online TorontoMost TESOL jobs in Canada are found in private language schools.  These schools offer ESL lessons to international students who come from all over the world to learn English in Canada, for periods ranging from three weeks to 12 months.  Canada’s ESL market is the largest among English-speaking countries because the country enjoys a prosperous economy and its cities are some of the most modern and peaceful in the world. Furthermore, most of its ESL institutes are recognized by Languages Canada, which sets the standards for management and instruction in Canada, and requires that all teaching staff hold TESL Canada accreditation.
The largest ESL markets are in Toronto and Vancouver. Smaller yet significant markets are located in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax.

OnTESOL graduates receive free access to job ads in Canada. Language schools contact us year-round to tell our graduates about job openings. Some of the employers that we recommend our graduates to work with are Connect Language School, CLLC, Quest Language Studies, College Platon, Inlingua, Vancouver International College, and Sprott Shaw.


Language schools: Teachers earn between $18 and $25 per hour. Minimum requirement: TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation.

IELTS / TOEFL Preparation Courses: Teachers earn between $25 and $45 per hour. Minimum requirement: TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation.

LINC Courses: Teachers earn between $30 and $50 per hour. Minimum requirement:  TESL Canada Standard 2 / TESL Ontario accreditation.

Minimum requirements

Job candidates must have a university degree and Canadian citizenship or residence permit.

The minimum requirement for entry-level jobs in Canada is TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation. Higher teaching positions and management jobs prefer TESL Canada Standard 2 accreditation.

UofT TEFL Online, Oxford Seminars, and Global TESOL are not accepted in Canada.

The Best Time to Apply for TESOL Jobs in Canada

TEFL TESOL Course in VancouverLanguage schools cater to international students from a wide range of countries and the majority of students come to Canada in the winter and summer seasons. It is highly recommended to apply for your TESOL job in January or May.

Cost of Living

Since most ESL teachers in Canada are nationals, language schools do not pay for accommodation. A standard one bedroom apartment in a large Canadian city costs between $1000 and $1,400 per month.

Health Insurance

Canadian residents and citizens receive free health insurance.


Primary and secondary education is free in Canada. Most school boards even provide textbooks for free.