TESOL Courses in Toronto

TESOL certification for IELTS teaching jobsOnTESOL offers combined TESOL courses in Toronto in partnership with Coventry House International.

Combine an accredited online TESOL course with an in-class teaching practice module. Study TESOL online and complete the Practicum in Toronto! The combined program is recognized by TESL Canada.

Qualify for the best teaching jobs in Toronto or go abroad with an internationally recognized TESOL certificate.

Get Certified to Teach English in Toronto or Go Abroad!

Teach in Canada or Go Abroad!

The combined program is recognized by TESL Canada, so you will have the credentials that you need to teach in Canada after completing the course with OnTESOL. You can also go abroad with an internationally recognized qualification.

Get The Best of Both Worlds With a Flexible TESOL Course!

Take an accredited TESOL course online and get supervised teaching practice. This program is perfect for people who need to study TESOL part-time to meet other study or work commitments. Study TESOL online at your own pace and complete the teaching practice module when you are ready.

Get Job Assistance in Toronto!

We have a vast network of graduates teaching English in Toronto, many of whom are now school directors at world-renowned language schools. OnTESOL has a great relationship with the top language schools in Toronto, so star graduates will be recommended for jobs on completion of the TESOL course.

Get Job Assistance Abroad!

If your plan is to teach English abroad, OnTESOL has agreements with top language schools and recruitment programs from all over the world. We also have a recruitment department that will help you find jobs that match your needs. Our job placement service is free for everyone who completed a TESOL course with OnTESOL.

About Our TESOL Courses

We have a 120-hour Advanced TESOL course and a 250-hour TESOL Diploma. All our programs include grammar, phonology, and an advanced methodology module.  The online courses include professional tutor support, so you will get the same level of quality training as in an in-class program. Our programs use the same syllabus as the in-class courses offered by Coventry House International in Toronto.

Book your Practicum after completing the online TESOL course. You can take the Practicum with Coventry House International in Toronto or even set it up on your own if you are already teaching English at a school. This format is perfect for people who want to teach abroad and do not need a Practicum module, but want the option of upgrading to TESL Canada accreditation at a later stage in their career.