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Teaching English in Calgary

Teaching English in Canada - Cultural tips

Calgary has plenty to offer as the cosmopolitan capital of Alberta. The best part about teaching English in Calgary is that it is close to some of the most pristine mountain ranges in Canada, so those who live here have a great appreciation for the outdoors.  Calgary is a true prairie city! On your break, take a walk by the Bow River. Many choose this serene river for meditation or to go for a nice jog.  After a long day, take a breath of fresh prairie air and enjoy the mountain view at Nose Hill Park.


If you are seeking community, education, and teaching resources, make sure to look into the English as Second Language Council, a branch of the Alberta Teaching Association, which acts an advocate for ESL students and offers resources to those teaching TESOL in Calgary. It is a great network of support for ESL teachers to connect and share resources. The Council also holds an annual conference for ESL teachers.


Explore the Mountains!

For the winter lovers who teach English in Calgary, head west to Banff National Park, right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Here you’ll experience some of the best skiing of your life! The Park, an official UNESCO World Heritage site, is not only for skiers but for outdoor explorers of all kinds, offering gondola rides and 1600 meters of incredible trails, many of which surround glacier-fed lakes. If you’re teaching TESOL in Calgary and want to experience what the luxurious Canadian rail system has to offer, take the Rocky Mountaineer which runs all the way to Vancouver and will take you through the ‘three sister’ mountains. On a good day you will be able to see many more gorgeous peeks and valleys of the great west!

For the food lovers…

If you have a taste for good beer, be sure to head over to Big Rock Brewery, one of the top attraction sites for anyone teaching English in Calgary. As a city that feeds people with a big appetite, be sure to check out Calgary’s Farmer’s Market, for a taste of what the local farmers have to offer and to do some excellent people watching. If you want to get up and close to the city’s local cuisine, take a Calgary Food Tour. With warm and friendly tour guides, you will get the opportunity to taste some of the delicious food the city has to offer!

Entertainment at its finest…

For those who teach English in Calgary and have an interest in history, you must check out the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, only 90 miles East of the Calgary. The theater is set in a 30 acre natural badlands canyon bowl. The audience will be transported 2000 years into the past to the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Eerily, the theatre’s location mimics the topography of Israel.

If you teach TESOL in Calgary and have an ear for music, be sure to go to Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Not to worry if classical music isn’t your thing, the music style ranges from pop to classical, so the Orchestra offers something for everyone and every age.


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