Hagwon Teaching Jobs in South Korea

Earn 2.1-2.5 million Won per month plus benefits such as furnished apartment, airfare, medical insurance, and more!

hagwon teaching jobs

Free Job Placement by Teacher Tech

Since 2001, Teacher Tech has been successfully providing South Korea’s top private language schools (referred as hagwons) with competent English teachers.

Teacher Tech will place you in a professional teaching environment that offers a standard curriculum, quality professional development, small class sizes, supportive management, and the opportunity to work with both native speaker and non-native speaker teachers.

Exclusive Job Placement Service in South Korea

Teacher Tech has exclusive recruitment agreements with top hagwons in South Korea. This means that a large percentage of the jobs they recruit for are never advertised elsewhere.

Get Job Placement in the City You Want!

You can apply for private school jobs in Seoul and surrounding area, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju , Changwon, Jenju, Cheonan, Pohang, Naju, Wonju, Chuncheon, Yangsan and Jeju Island.

Apply All Year Round!

Hagwons provide more flexibility because the private market has openings throughout the year and applicants are able to apply for as many positions as needed in order to find the best fit.

Personalized Job Placement Makes All the Difference!

Teacher Tech’s placement service is free to candidates and includes the services listed below. These services provide candidates with the tools they need to find the best possible position for their journey to South Korea.


During the consultation phase a representative of Teacher Tech will assess your qualifications, preferences, background, and career goals. Based on your personalized profile we create a plan for your job search.

Resume Writing

Based on her e-book, Native Speakers Wanted: Resources for Teaching English Abroad, Madeline Moon (founder of Teacher Tech) will assist each candidate in writing a professional resume tailored to the Korean context. All applicants will get a free copy of the e-book as well as Madeline’s help in finalizing and polishing the resume.


Successful interviewing is a learnable skill, and applicants will receive assistance in navigating the unique cultural and professional complexities of interviewing with schools in Korea. Interview preparation includes an explanation of the priorities of employers as well as coaching, rehearsing, and evaluating answers to sample questions.

Reviewing Contracts

Once a job offer is made, Teacher Tech will make sure all questions are answered, so that each applicant understands the contract. Also, in order to be more comfortable with the employer, all teachers will be able to contact a current native speaker teacher at the school.

Visa Process

Teacher Tech will also walk you through all phases of the visa process, including an explanation of and assistance in completing required visa documents.

Travel arrangements

Teacher Tech arranges and pays for teachers’ airfare to Korea.


Teachers receive training before teaching (normally one week).