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Many teachers opt to teach English at a Hagwon in South Korea. Hagwons are private ESL academies that cater to after-school programs for children as well as Business English courses for adults.

Hagwon vs EPIK:

EPIK offers a great package and lots of support, but there are set times to apply with EPIK, it takes about 4 months from the moment you apply to the day you start teaching, and there is a lot of competition to get a teaching job with EPIK in metropolitan cities such as Seoul and Busan.

If you are a new ESL teacher, teaching English at a hagwon is a great option to get your first teaching job abroad!

The Best Hagwons to Teach in South Korea:

1. YBM Education

Established in 1961, YBM Education is the first hagwon that opened in South Korea. They run a wide range of TESOL services, including language schools, testing centers, study abroad programs, and publishing. Consequently, the best reason to teach at this hagwon is the many career advancement opportunities you can pursue in different sectors of the TESOL industry. The wage they offer is very similar to EPIK and accommodation is included in the package.

3.3-star Review on Glassdoor.ca (Based on 29 reviews)

2. Chungdahm Institute:

This hagwon has more than 100 locations across South Korea. Apart from being able to pick a job anywhere you want in the country, this hagwon pays very well. The average salary is 2.65 million won/month plus round-trip airfare and end-of-contract bonus. The downside is that rent is not included, so the extra money you are making goes to paying for your apartment.  If you are a new teacher looking to teach abroad in a metropolitan city, this place is a great start because they have less strict TEFL certification requirements than EPIK. The affordable and convenient online 120-hour TEFL certificate offered by OnTESOL is perfect for teaching at this hagwon.

3.0-star Review on Glassdoor.ca (Based on 74 reviews)

3. Avalon Education

This hagwon offers after-school programs for elementary and middle-school children. The benefit of teaching English with Avalon is that native-English speakers are hired to teach communication skills (Reading, writing, listening, and speaking), which lessons take less time to prepare and are generally more fun than a grammar or vocabulary lesson. However, the best programs know how to integrate grammar and vocabulary lessons with communication skills, which means that you will not get the experience that is required by the best programs in the world. The pay is competitive and they don’t require advanced TESOL certification, so a 120-hour TEFL certificate will be enough for teaching English at this hagwon. Again, the negative side of this is that you will not be well prepared for continuing your career elsewhere, but Avalon is a great place if your plan is to teach English and travel for a year and then do something else.

2.6-star Review on Glassdoor.ca (Based on 28 reviews)