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Teaching ESL in Turkey – The Job Market & Regions

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-Written by Yasin, 100-hour TESOL Certificate graduate.

There are a lot of opportunities in Turkey. ESL teachers will find a large number of private language institutes, private and public schools, and universities that are always looking for good English instructors. As it can be expected, the better your TESOL credentials are, the better the teaching situation will be.

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Job Hunting Tips & Benefits – Teaching ESL in Turkey

The one thing a potential ESL instructor wants to make sure of is that the school or institute has been around for a while, as there are a constant folding and emerging of unreliable schools in the market.

The best schools will usually offer to pay all, or a percentage, of private healthcare coverage, provide single accommodation, cover your residence permit fees, provide airfare home once a year, and not require you to be at the school more than 40 hours per week.

Regions- Teaching ESL in Turkey

Most of these schools are located in Istanbul, which is the primary ESL market in Turkey. Unfortunately, there are very limited TESOL opportunities in the beautiful vacationing areas along the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean.

One should also exercise caution in considering any employment in the Southeastern parts of Turkey. While there are safe, historical, and beautiful places to work there, it can be dangerous due to the political tensions between the Turkish government and minority groups.

Job Market – Teaching ESL in Turkey

Those with TEYL certification will have a much better chance than most at acquiring positions at reputable private preschools; especially since there is a large number of uncertified, or lesser qualified, native speakers working in the country.

There is also an increase in the number of schools that are switching to full ESL immersion, and public pilot schools that are hiring more and more native-speaking teachers with accredited TESOL certification.

Private language schools pay less and offer shared accommodation to ease the burden of rent. The quality of such accommodations may not be what you’re accustomed to, as buildings are old in most parts of Istanbul and other major cities.

All in all, Turkey is a great country to gain experience in an exotic location, discover the beauty and history of Istanbul, and perhaps travel the wondrous historical and naturally beautiful locales that Turkey has to offer; along with the excellent cuisine and rich culture spanning the continents.

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