Application Form for Qkids

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  • Job Service Conditions for Applicants Teachers:

    Please read and be advised of the following items included in our Job Service Conditions.

    1. The Job Placement Services advertised by OnTESOL are limited by the role of advertising and recruitment activities agreed to between OnTESOL and The Employer, which include but are not limited to processing job applications and documentation of qualifying candidates. OnTESOL does not act as the Employer.

    All job applications are sent to OnTESOL’s recruitment coordinator, who is responsible for forwarding the applications to the school or recruiter of interest. OnTESOL does not have a final decision on the outcome of the job application. Any inquires can be made to OnTESOL's Recruitment Coordinator at

    2. OnTESOL’s Job Placement Service is not a guarantee of employment. The final outcome of the job application is dependant upon the job applicant’s ability to pass all
    stages of the job application, including but not limited to meeting minimum job application requirements, passing the interview, and presenting the required documentation as requested by the Employer.

    3. OnTESOL, the School, or Partner Recruiter advertised as part of OnTESOL’s Job Placement service do not charge the teacher any money or funds for the recruitment service. The teacher may be required to pay work visa processing, travel, and other costs that may be not covered as part of the employment contract The Teacher enters with The Employer.

    4. The successful job applicant and the Employer would be entering the employment agreement. The job applicant and the Employer are fully responsible for meeting the requirements of the employment agreement they enter. OnTESOL is not responsible for any damages incurred by a breach of contract or any unprofessional behaviour of the parties involved in the final employment agreement. In the case of an employment dispute, OnTESOL does not represent any of the parties who entered the employment agreement.

    5. The teacher understands and agrees that traveling and working in another country entails possible risks for physical and mental damage due to unforeseeable
    environmental, political, and economic events. OnTESOL is not responsible for any damages the teacher may suffer as a result of the employment agreement.

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