Teach English in Turkey with American Life!

American Life Turkey ESL SchoolAmerican Life is a leading expert of overseas education with over 40 language schools throughout Turkey.

American Life is proud to offer small and intimate classes to give the teacher the ability to work closely with six to twelve students at a time. Private classes are also available.

Modern And Dynamic Teaching Approach

American Life is proud to provide a modern and dynamic teaching approach, which gives students the opportunity to learn the English language with ease. American Life implements formative assessments that indicate the student’s overall performance, making it clear if they are able to pass onto the next level. Without having to prepare students for the test, American Life teachers can spend more time with communicative activities and authentic materials.

In this vibrant, positive and encouraging environment, teachers are given support by the centre’s manager to ensure that the curriculum is tailored to each student.

American Life prides itself on delivering the highest standard of education. Being a detail-oriented individual who is comfortable working in such a structured environment is very important.

About The Job:

Earn up to 3,000 Turkish Liras per month. Full-time teachers get a 160 hour monthly quota. If they exceed their quota, they are paid 10 – 15 Turkish Liras per hour.

Salary varies according to the teachers’ experience, education, performance, the languages they speak, their nationality, work permit and some other parameters.

A lesson is 40 mins. Our morning classes start at 09.00 and finish at 13.00. Afternoon classes are between 13.30 and 16.30. Evening classes are between 19.00 and 22.00, which also counts 4 classes.