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TESOL Graduates Enjoy Great Benefits in Saudi Arabia

Most North American English teachers working in Saudi Arabia are paid rather well, compared to those teaching in other counties.

Rather than salary level, some of the differences you may notice between various job offers are grade level, location of the school, number of weekly classroom contact hours, and the time of day you would most likely be working.

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The more-established Saudi school may very well require you to submit its own unique application form, after an initial examination of your CV. You may find that completing one of these multipage forms is a long, involved process.

However, I have found that many of the schools elicit the same or similar information. Save a soft copy of the first such form you complete; that will make the task a bit easier from then on.

You may even find yourself copying and pasting data from the initial form onto others. Just make sure that you pay attention to coordinating typeface font and size when doing this.

There rarely is a face-to-face interview during the application process, simply because you most likely will not enter the Kingdom until after you are hired.

The Skype interview has become the standard alternative to face-to-face, although there may be trouble with transmitting and receiving the Skype signal here, especially when making a video call. I always have my fully-charged cell phone on hand, as a back-up.

You might find it helpful to use the service of a recruitment agency to help connect you to a good Saudi teaching position. The requirements are the same whether you apply yourself or go through a recruitment agency. You need a reputable TESOL certification, a university degree, and at least 1 year of teaching experience.

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