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TESL Canada Journal: March 2018

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TESL Canada published the first journal of 2018!   TESL Canada is one of the top 3 accrediting bodies in the world because they facilitate research and collaboration with leading scholars in the TESL / TEFL / TESOL field.  Since 1984, the TESL Canada Journal has accumulated hundreds of valuable articles for the industry.   Visit: TESL Canada March 2018 Journal


A Word from the Guest Editor, David Wood, p. v – x, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1270

Teaching Formulaic Sequences in the Classroom: Effects on Spoken Fluency
Michael McGuire, Jenifer Larson-Hall p. 1-25, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1271

Building Speaking Fluency with Multiword Expressions
Haidee Thomson, p. 26-53, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1272

“To Whom it May Concern”: A Study on the Use of Lexical Bundles in Email, Writing Tasks in an English Proficiency Test
Zhi Li, Alex Volkov, p. 54-75, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1273

A Study in Enhancing L2 Learners’ Utility with Written Academic Formulaic Sequences
Lewis Murray, p. 76-92, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1274

On the Role of Media Input in the Learning of Formulaic Sequences by EFL Learners
Didem Koban Koç, Serdar Engin Koç, p. 93-110, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1275

Teaching Formulaic Sequences in an English- Language Class: The Effects of Explicit Instruction Versus Coursebook Instruction
Duyen Le-Thi, Michael P.H. Rodgers, Ana Pellicer-Sánchez, p. 111-139, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1276

Improving English Learners’ Productive Collocation Knowledge: The Effects of Involvement Load, Spacing, and Intentionality
Per Snoder, p. 140-164, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1277

Factors Impacting Recognition of False Collocations by Speakers of English as L1 and L2
Olga Makinina, p. 165-191, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1278

In the Classroom
An Emerging Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Pragmatic Formulas
Alisa Zavialova, p. 192-204, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1279

Learning and Teaching L2 Collocations: Insights from Research
Paweł Szudarski p. 205-216, doi: 10.18806/tesl.v34i3.1280TESL Canada Journal
Dr. Farahnaz Faez
Western UniversityDr. Antonella Valeo
York University

Michael Karas
Western University
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TESL Canada Journal

March 2018 journal presented by OnTESOL. Online TESOL / TEFL / TESL courses recognized by TESL Canada.

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