Happy New Year everyone! This year we are celebrating our 19th year offering quality and accredited TESOL / TEFL training in an online format and we are excited to share our new developments.

Three years ago we started a strategy to implement a new Learning Management Platform, analyze data to find where students need extra support, and develop a more dynamic online experience. We didn’t just want to do more video tutorials to cover the textbook with audio and PowerPoint slides. Our internationally recognized online TESOL courses are unique because students have to complete original and detailed lesson plans during the lab assignments, so we wanted to fully integrate two decades of helping thousands of graduates develop their lesson planning skills.

Those who enrolled prior to June 2020 have already benefited from the changes we made over the years!

FAQ Videos:

Developed in collaboration with our expert tutors, OnTESOL’s new FAQs Videos answer the most Frequently Asked Questions on grammar, phonology, and methodology to help you reflect on the topics that thousands of other trainees have needed extra guidance from their tutors over the years.

Lab Videos:

OnTESOL’s new Lab Videos is a series of pre-recorded lessons by our Director of Studies to summarize the methods and lesson planning formats that you need to consider for completing the Lab Assignments.

LIVE 10-hour Workshop:

OnTESOL’s new 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop is a live  module for those enrolled in the Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate course or the 250-hour TESOL Diploma course with OnTESOL. This innovative online workshop is a series of four online workshops on the various Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) lesson planning formats used in the ESL classroom. 

How Will the Live Workshops Help You?

The live component adds a valuable semi-synchronous experience to your TESOL certification course. Offered by our most experienced tutors, the course will give you an opportunity to experience the benefits of an in-class TESOL / TEFL course and participate in group activities with other peers.

  • Improve your focus and motivation: Access a live and interactive learning experience.
  • Increase your marks in the course: See lesson plan examples that work and those that don’t.
  • Participate in group activities: Reflect and learn with others.

How Much Extra Does the Live Workshop Cost?

The new live 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop will be tested free of charge with those who enroll in the 120-hour or 250-hour TESOL course before June 30, 2022 and are currently active in the course.

Am I Required to Attend the Live Workshop to Pass the TESOL Course?

No, you do not need to attend the live sessions to pass the TESOL course. The semi-asynchronous format allows you to complete the TESOL course at your pace and access the live sessions when they become available in their respective section of the course. You can access 1 or all 4 sessions during your course timeline.

What Are The Dates?

The first test series of 4 live workshops will start with Workshop 1 on the week of April 4, 2022 followed weekly by Workshops 2, 3 and 4. The second series of live workshops will start again on April 11th with Workshop 1, and then each new series will start every four weeks again.

We recommend that you time your progress in the online TESOL course to the schedule of the free live sessions. The table below will show you where each workshop matches the sections of the methodology module.

Because these test sessions are free of charge, we will begin the full series of 4 workshops on a monthly basis and run each consecutive workshop once a week. Therefore, at this time we cannot guarantee your full participation when you are in the respective module, according to your schedule or time zone, or due to maximum capacity per session (100 students maximum per session). A recorded version of the LIVE will be posted online for those who are unable to attend. 

Since the online TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL are asynchronous, you may wait a few weeks until the next workshop series start from the beginning. Or, you may do the respective section of the methodology module without accessing its live session and then catch up with the following workshop.   

How Do I Register in the Live Session?

You will be able to access the Live Workshop when you reach the respective section of the methodology module:


120-hour TESOL: Methodology

250-hour TESOL: Methodology


Chapter 5

Chapter 9


Chapter 7

Chapter 11


Chapter 8

Chapter 13


Chapter 11

Chapter 15

What’s the Duration of Each Live Session?

Each live session will be 2.5 hours, totaling 10 hours for the four sessions.

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