This year we are celebrating our 19th year offering quality and accredited TESOL / TEFL training in an online format and we are excited to share our new developments.

Three years ago we started a strategy to implement a new Learning Management Platform with an objective to analyze data to find where students need extra support and develop a more dynamic online experience. We didn’t just want to record more video tutorials to cover the textbook with audio and PowerPoint slides. Our internationally recognized online TESOL courses are unique because students have to complete original and detailed lesson plans during the lab assignments, so we wanted to fully integrate two decades of helping thousands of graduates develop their lesson planning skills.

After implementing the new LMS platform, we started and completed the following features to improve the online TESOL courses and job services:

1- FAQ Videos:

Developed in collaboration with our expert tutors, OnTESOL’s new FAQs Videos answer the most Frequently Asked Questions on grammar, phonology, and methodology to help you reflect on the topics that thousands of other trainees have needed extra guidance from their tutors over the years.

2- Lab Videos:

OnTESOL’s new Lab Videos is a series of pre-recorded lessons by our Director of Studies to summarize the methods and lesson planning formats that you need to consider for successfully completing the Lab Assignments.

3- LIVE 10-hour Workshop:

OnTESOL’s new 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop is a live module for those enrolled in the Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate course or the 250-hour TESOL Diploma course with OnTESOL. This innovative online workshop is a series of four live sessions offered via Zoom. The purpose of the live sessions is to teach TESOL trainees about the various Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) lesson planning formats used in the ESL classroom in a more interactive group experience. 

How Will the Live Workshops Help You?

The live component adds a valuable semi-synchronous experience to your online TESOL certification course. Offered by our most experienced tutors, the 10-hour Live Workshop will give you an opportunity to experience the benefits of an in-class TESOL / TEFL course and participate in group activities with other peers.

  • Improve your focus and motivation: Access a live and interactive learning experience.
  • Increase your marks in the course: See lesson plan examples that work and those that don’t.
  • Participate in group activities: Reflect and learn with others.

How Much Extra Does the Live Workshop Cost?

The new live 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop will be tested free of charge with those who enroll in the 120-hour or 250-hour TESOL course before May 31, 2022 and are currently active in the course. The regular fee will be $350 starting on June 1, 2022

How Do I Register in the Live Session?

You will be able to access the Live Workshop when you reach the respective section of the methodology module:


120-hour TESOL: Methodology

250-hour TESOL: Methodology


Chapter 5

Chapter 9


Chapter 7

Chapter 11


Chapter 8

Chapter 13


Chapter 11

Chapter 15

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4- Job Board

Our new job board simplifies the application process for ESL teachers and employers. Job candidates can submit their resume and apply for jobs online. Employers can search for qualified candidates.

The OnTESOL job board is free of charge for English teachers, schools, and recruiters. OnTESOL does not charge any recruitment fees, monthly fees, or commissions for connecting teachers with employers. Find the latest position abroad, online, or in Canada.

Enrollment in a TESOL certification course with OnTESOL is not required to use the free job board. OnTESOL students and graduates receive extra support with their resume as part of our free job service program.

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