TESOL Jobs in Italy

    Job Market

    Italy has one of the largest specialized ESL markets in Europe; most teachers are hired for either TEYL or Business English lessons. Private lessons are also common in Italy.

    Most ESL teachers work part-time at small language schools, so it is common for ESL teachers to work at more than one school and spend a few hours a week travelling from one job to the other.

    Due to European Union citizenship requirements, the majority of expatriate ESL teachers are from the UK.

    Most schools prefer to hire teachers who are already living in Italy because face-to-face interviews are customary.


    Teachers earn 1500EU to 2500EU per month depending on their TESOL credentials and experience.

    Minimum requirements

    University degree
    100-hour TESOL Certificate (120-hour TESOL certificate with TEYL or Teaching Business specialization is highly recommended)
    EU citizenship