TESOL Jobs in Hong Kong

  • TESOL Jobs

    in Hong Kong

Job Market

Hong Kong offers TESOL jobs at public school (NETs) and private language instiutes.

Private language schools offer great opportunities. Salary ranges from US$2,200 to $4,000 per month, plus benefits. Many schools assist with work permits and finding accommodation before you arrive. Advanced certification or TESOL diploma is recommend.

The NET Scheme is run by the Government of Hong Kong’s Education Bureau. Teachers can apply directly or via a recruitment agency for jobs at elementary and secondary schools in one of Hong Kong’s 18 administrative regions.


NET teachers earn the highest ESL teaching salary in Asia. Starting salary is US$3,000 per month and teachers earn up to US$7,000 per month plus accommodation, travel expenses and bonuses. Government-issued teacher’s license or MA degree in Education is preferred. TESOL certification is a plus for English teaching jobs.

Minimum requirements

Native speaker
University degree (NET candidates should hold a higher degree in education or related field)
TESOL certification (250-hour TESOL Diploma recommended).
1+ years teaching experience