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The best TESOL Certification Courses South KoreaOnTESOL offers the best TESOL certification courses for South Korea!

Our internationally recognized TESOL courses include free job placement in South Korea with EPIK and hagwons, so you can apply for TESOL jobs while taking your course with OnTESOL.

Testimonial – Richard Andrada: “I recently completed the TESOL certificate course with OnTESOL, and found the information presented in the course modules to be very helpful.  The methodology covered in this course will give you a great understanding on how to organize your lessons and provide supportive strategies to reach the different types of learners in your classroom. The assignments will help reinforce these concepts and the tutor is there to help if any questions arise”.

Save $200 with the TESOL Certification Packages for South Korea!

TESOL Certification For EPIK or Hagwon

TESOL certification EPIK South Korea

80% of TESOL jobs in South Korea involve teaching young learners at public schools (EPIK) or private language schools (hagwon). Get 140 hours of training with the advanced 120-hour TESOL certificate course and the 20-hour Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) specialist. Learn to create professional lesson plans using the Communicative Approach and Task-based Learning. You can also take a separate in-class 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world and become eligible for TESL Canada accreditation.

Online TESOL Certification Courses with Teaching Practice!

OnTESOL is the first online institute in the world to offer a full Practicum module. Unlike other combined TESOL / TEFL courses such as Oxford Seminars, where trainees give a presentation in front of other trainees, the OnTESOL Practicum requires trainees to teach a full class in front of real ESL students. The Practicum is not required for TESOL jobs in South Korea, but trainees who have at least 20 hours of supervised teaching experience receive preferred standing in some cities.