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TEFL Spain: Enjoying The Lifestyle

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I love teaching English in Spain! Everything is so close. I have been to Portugal, France, and of course Spain. I would like to add Morocco, Germany, England, Ireland, and the Netherlands to that list. We will see how far the money from teaching gets me and if I have enough time.

As of right now, I’m teaching at an academy and offering private lessons for 20 euros an hour. The TESOL certificate I completed at OnTESOL certainly helped me get the right job.

Some other activities I’ve been enjoying are surfing, practicing Spanish and Euskera, enjoying and experimenting with the Spanish culture, as well as reading about it.

I usually surf at the beach in Sopelana called La Salvaje. It is very beautiful here. I think the northern coast of Spain has some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. There are lots of trees and a very green landscape that ends abruptly in most areas when it reaches the sea and creates large cliffs with beaches down below.

Surfing is very big in Spain, and Sopelana is definitely one of the few epicenters for a surf.

Its close proximity to Bilbao makes it very accessible. Especially since the metro goes straight there and then you can catch a bus to the beach if you are too lazy to walk five minutes from the metro to the beach.

When I am not surfing or teaching English I try to experience the culture here in the Basque Country as much as I can. The food, the language, the people, and the land are all fascinating. I have even bought a book to read more about the history and really try to get into the culture.

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