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Getting Ready For The TESOL Spain Hiring Season

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Teach English in Spain? October is when all English classes start in Spain. It’s the TESOL Spain hiring season.

Everyone starts school in September, then the parents get settled into the routines of getting their kids to school and to any type of extracurricular activities.

Midway into September, their kids have a lot of English homework and need some professional help.

This is when they realize that they need to put their children in an English academy in the evenings or call the academy from the previous year, so this is why all the academies get busy in October and not in September when the actual school year starts.

Finding Schools – TESOL Spain

When looking for a TESOL job in Spain, in the TESOL Spain hiring season, it’s important to take the time to look at the pros and cons of each academy so you can choose the best option. A good alternative is to work at two academies. Maybe work at one academy on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the other on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When weighing out the options I look at the hours, the schedule, how close the school is to home, and of course the salary. Most academies pay approximately 15 euros per hour. Some academies pay less, like 11 or 12 euros per hour, but you can negotiate and ask for a few more euros per hour.

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Class Hours – TESOL Spain

The schedule for 99 percent of the English academies is from around 4 in the afternoon until around 10 at night. In the mornings the kids are at school and then go home for lunch. In the evening, they may go to futbol (“soccer”) practice or some other activity before they get to their English class. Although it is rare, there are some academies that have classes all day and other academies that teach specifically during the lunch hour for kids that have a really busy schedule.

Most of the offers I have received, have been from 3 to 10 pm, for 5-18 hours per week, and at a rate of 12-16 euros per hour. This is why I complement my salary with private tutoring (My previous article explains how to advertise your private lessons).

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