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Tesol Saudi Work Visa for ESL Teacher

The commercial or “visit” visa is designed for the businessman who might make multiple entries into Saudi Arabia over several months. It may be possible to teach in the Kingdom while carrying such a visa. Let’s talk about Saudi Arabia’s work visa and Iqama.

However, you could find yourself crossing over into a neighboring country, every month or so, to keep your job and maintain your legal status.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa and Iqama

If you intend to live and work in Saudi Arabia, the best alternative at the time of entry is a TESOL Saudi work visa. It will eventually lead to the issuance of an Iqama, the rough Saudi equivalent of a “Green Card.”

Once within the Kingdom, those of us who are not Saudi citizens require Iqamas. This is to obtain almost any service we might have a hankering for.

Why you need an Iqama?

For example, if one wants to purchase private Internet service, one must first have an Iqama. A bank account? Show your Iqama. Need to transfer money back home? Iqama, please.

If you are looking for an online TEFL certification that is recognized in Saudi Arabia, take Ontesol’s 250-hour course with Practicum.


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