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TESOL Jobs Mexico: Online Job Search vs Moving to Mexico

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To find the right TESOL job in Mexico you need patience, manners, and good advice. The same goes for the job search. Never lose your temper. You need to develop a reputation as an easygoing person – along with the more obvious traits of diligence and respectability.

If your boss and coworkers see that you can accept illogical situations and react with understanding when encountering problems, opportunities will present themselves to you.

Even if you speak Spanish well, you will experience confusion and misunderstandings. Mexico has a lot of bureaucracy, in government as well as in schools. For example, to get copies of tests, you may have to fill out more forms than pages you actually need printing!

You will definitely experience this when you get your resident card or during any other dealings with the government. Mexicans stay cool in these situations, and so should you.

As with any other overseas job, you have two options: find one before you go or show up in the country and look around. I chose the latter option, and while it took about 4 months and had its frustrations, in the end, things worked out well for me.

Applying From Home

Finding a job before you go has its advantages, especially if this will be your first ESL job. You won´t have to spend time and money waiting out the hiring process and applying for temporary residence (FM3), which allows you to work.

Right now the processing time for the FM3 is a quick 3 weeks, which is very subject to change. Also, you won´t have to wait for the next semester or course to begin. They might even help you find an apartment.

Job Market

There are many choices of schools that hire foreign teachers in Mexico. The best jobs are at universities or private schools, where you will be teaching mostly businessmen, children and teenagers. Some of the most common franchises are The Anglo, Berlitz, Harmon Hall, Quick Learning, Ingles Individual, and International House, among others – a quick internet search will provide you with lists and email addresses.

Also, for experienced teachers (usually at least 2 years and even up to 5 years) every major city (and some nice, out of the way places, such as U-MAR) has universities, and usually contact information can be found online, in Spanish of course. The biggest and best universities are in Mexico City, and the semesters begin in Sep / Oct or Jan / Feb, so arrive early enough to interview for the job and to apply for the FM3.

TESOL Jobs Mexico – Moving to Mexico and Applying in Person

The problem is that most schools won´t hire someone they haven´t met and can´t interview, and many don´t even bother to answer emails, regardless of how qualified you are. Phone calls are better, but you will have to speak Spanish.

After an online search and after having written many unanswered emails, you may decide to take the more adventurous route and search for schools yourself.

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