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Teaching ESL and Traveling in the Czech Republic

The red-roofed city of Prague is one of the most culturally rich capitals in all of Europe.

A conglomerate of Eastern and Western European ideals and culture, Prague is truly a hub for travelers aiming to experience both sides of the spectrum.

The Czech Republic is the home to the history, culture, and Baroque architecture of Bohemia and Moravia.

As such, a walking tour- whether with an organized group or on your own- is always a great option for an insightful weekend activity.

Wander the streets of Europe’s most picturesque medieval Old Town or take to the former Iron Curtain-Esque neighborhoods…or both!

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What to Do in the Czech Republic

Teaching Abroad in the Czech RepublicThere are so many different districts and aspects of culture to explore that you will never have to do the same thing twice! For repose from walking throughout historic Prague, duck into a beer garden.

I’m bold enough to say it: I think Czech beer is better than the almighty German, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a taste of a rural dark brew.

Of course, a trip to Pilsen (the namesake of the international Pilsner style of beer) is absolutely essential for beer enthusiasts.

Although most Central European cuisines are fairly dense and don’t have the hugest range of flavor, there is certainly something to be said about cheesy, hearty veg-heavy Czech meals.

Bakeries and street vendors also offer a great variety of bread and sweets, such as the quintessential rolled pastry whose scent has the capacity to waft throughout the former Austrio-Hungarian Empire.

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Speaking from personal experience, the Czech Republic is an amazing country to cycle through. While the topography is certainly not flat, casual cyclists will appreciate the rolling hills in place of stark mountain terrain.

The Eurovelo network has a variety of routes branching across the country, with hidden gems scattered throughout.

Hit the less-traveled city of Brno and continue on across the countryside for scenic views of castles, caves, and the national parks of Bohemia.

Job Packages in the Czech Republic

Foreign ESL teachers in the Czech Republic will generally receive a salary similar to that of a Czech teacher, which is around $1000 per month before taxes and mandatory health insurance.

The position will generally require around 25 hours of instruction per week. While the salary is certainly enough to get by and enjoy life within the country, it will not grant you the financial leeway to travel frivolously throughout Western Europe.

You can, however, still maintain a level of comfort in the capital, which is much more than you can say regarding other European capital cities.

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As accommodation will be fairly scarce in smaller cities, expect your employer to arrange this lifestyle aspect for you.

You might be fortunate enough to be given an apartment in Prague, but, as it is a capital city, you are equally likely to be asked to fend for yourself, with assistance in the search process.

Unless you make arrangements with another teacher or know a local, you will probably find the accommodation you are provided with fairly simple, but certainly livable.

With a great European capital at your doorstep, you’ll hopefully be spending minimal time at home anyway.

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