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TESOL Jobs In Argentina

TESOL Jobs in Argentina

Job Market

Argentina is a country of all landscapes and seasons. Most TESOL jobs are located in the province of Buenos Aires, since forty percent of the population lives here.

Argentineans place high value in English instruction and many families send their children to after-school ESL programs, even when economic times are tough. With over 14 million people in Buenos Aires city and its suburbs, there are hundreds of ESL schools in which teachers can find jobs at any given point between February and December.

Cordoba, Rosario and Mendoza are smaller, yet significant, large cities with a standard of living similar to that of Buenos Aires. The best time to apply for a full-time job is in February, before the school year starts. It is recommended that teachers arrange their travel and work permits before applying for jobs.


On average, teachers earn US$1,200 per month, which is a great salary for Argentina.

Minimum requirements

Must be a native speaker from the USA, Canada, or the UK; Latin American teachers with a high level of proficiency, teaching experience, and whose countries have work permit arrangements with Argentina are also welcome to apply.
University degree
100-hour TESOL Certificate (120-hour TEFL Certificate recommended).

Cost of Living

A comfortable one bedroom apartment in downtown Buenos Aires costs $300 per month, an extensive network of buses and trains will take you everywhere you want to go for under 50 cents, and the most amazing steak dinner you will ever have costs just under $10.


The best way to save money is travelling by bus and charter buses in Argentina are very comfortable, as the seats turn into a full bed!  Argentina is a very big country and the province of Buenos Aires is as large as Europe, so you can choose to get to Iguazu Falls in under 20 hours for under $30 in a comfortable charter bus or you can take a 2-hour plane ride for under $300.