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  • TESOL certification United KingdomACTDEC: Online TESOL certification courses recognized by leading accreditation in the United Kingdom.

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Level 5 UK Accreditation

The advanced 250-hour TESOL Diploma program is recognized by ACTDEC at their Level 5. This online TESOL certification program is perfect for teachers who want to pursue a career and need the tools to create full lesson plans using various formats (PPP, TTT, ESA, TBL) and approaches (Communicative Approach, Task-based Learning, and Integrated Skills). Get the skills that you need to adapt to different class situations and levels, so that you can get the best TESOL jobs and pursue career advancement opportunities.

Level 3 UK Accreditation

The 120-hour Specialized TEFL certificate program is recognized by ACTDEC at their Level 3. You can choose Teaching English to Young Learners or Teaching Business English specialization. This program focuses on the Communicative Approach and the PPP lesson-planning format. This program is perfect for teachers who need the credentials to teach English to children or business English courses in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Level 2 UK Accreditation

The 100-hour TEFL certification program is recognized by ACTDEC at their Level 2. Get the TESOL certification that you need to pursue gap-year teaching jobs worldwide! This program includes core grammar, phonology, and methodology so that you have a solid foundation for the ESL classroom. Learn to create lesson plans for grammar, vocabulary, and integrated skills lessons with an accredited TESOL certification course by OnTESOL!