6 Steps to Get The Job with EPIK:

1. Application:

Send the application form to an approved EPIK recruiter. There are about 10 approved EPIK recruiters and you can only submit one application per term.

2. Preliminary interview with EPIK or recruiter:

At this stage, your approved EPIK recruiter will go over the application and you will receive guidance on meeting deadlines. Although you do not need your TESOL certification at this stage, you will have to submit an original lesson plan before scheduling the official interview with EPIK. Lesson planning skills are crucial for passing the first stage. If you take your TESOL course with OnTESOL, you will receive free feedback on your lesson plan.

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3. Interview With EPIK:

As any other employer would, EPIK wants to know that you will be ready for standing in front of a classroom and that you will be ready for your experience living abroad. Your personality is as important as your teaching skills. By the time you get to the interview with EPIK you should know why and where you want to teach English in South Korea.

The first weeks are very intensive because you will go straight into Orientation Week within a day after arriving in South Korea and you will start your teaching job soon thereafter. EPIK wants to know that you will not experience culture shock and break your contract, so it is very important to show that you are familiar with South Korean customs and even that you speak a little Korean.

4. Documentation:

Mail all the documents to your EPIK coordinator or recruiter. The Criminal Record Check takes up to two months to process in some countries. This is the main reason that it is very important to apply early.

5. Apply For Visa With Letter Of Acceptance:

After EPIK recommends you to a school board, you will receive a letter of acceptance, which you must take to the Korean Consulate along with other documentation. Be ready to take a few days off if you do not live in the city.

6. Fly To Korea!

EPIK will pick you up on a designated date. If you arrive later, you will need to make your own travel arrangements to get to Orientation Week. You will need to buy the plane ticket, but EPIK will reimburse you.

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