How to Get The Best English Teaching Jobs in South Korea!

Finding a good TESOL job in South Korea is easy! This page will tell you about:

Applying for English teaching jobs in South Korea

1- how to apply for jobs in private ESL schools and public schools;

2- steps and times to apply for jobs in South Korea;

3- interviewing tips;

4- which recruitment agencies you can trust;

5- why you need TESOL certification;

6-teaching tips by OnTESOL graduates.

How to Apply for TESOL Jobs in South Korea

Applying for EPIK (Public School) Jobs in South Korea:

Apply early! EPIK hires over 1,100 teachers every semester. Teachers start in February or September, but the application process is long and positions get filled quickly. Teachers should apply in October or April, when the application opens.

Applying for Private School (Hagwons) Jobs in South Korea:

Hagwons offer pay and benefits similar to EPIK and teachers can apply all year round. Apply for jobs directly or via a recruitment agency. If you are applying for a job via a recruitment agency, make sure that the service is free and that you are put in contact with the employer before arriving in South Korea.

6 Tips for an Epic EPIK Interview

The EPIK interview is the most secretive interview in the world of TESOL. Not even EPIK coordinators and approved recruiters will tell you how to pass the EPIK interview. Don’t worry! We found this great video to ease your anxiety about the interview with EPIK.

Use an Approved EPIK Recruiter

Using a recruiter can be a scary decision. Approved EPIK recruiters have great experience in the Human Resources field and specialize in ESL placement services. Approved EPIK recruiters do not charge candidates for their services. Many of them work with private schools in South Korea and other countries, so you will receive the recruitment service that you need for the experience and qualifications that you have. To become EPIK recruiters, agencies are scrutinized by the South Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and they must meet strict requirements for maintaining their approved status.

Get TESOL Certification

Get your TESOL certification course before you start applying for jobs. The skills that you gain during your TESOL training will help you submit a good lesson plan with your EPIK application and you will show your prospective employer that you take your teaching career seriously. Get certified with an established and well-recognized organization. OnTESOL has been offering internationally recognized TESOL / TEFL courses since 2003.

Tips for Enjoying Your English Teaching Job in South Korea

Congratulations!  You got your TESOL job and you are ready to go to South Korea. This is probably your first teaching English job abroad or maybe the first time you will stand in front of a classroom at all. You were so busy getting all your documentation ready that you now realize that you do not know much about what teaching in South Korea is like. Don’t worry! We have great articles on preparing for the EPIK orientation, working with your co-teacher, teaching large classes, teaching small classes, why you need to learn to speak Korean, how to overcome culture shock, and more!  These articles were written by OnTESOL graduates who passed their TESOL course with distinction and have a minimum of 6 months experience teaching English in South Korea.