Teaching English with EPIK in South Korea

Free preparation course for those who want to teach English with EPIK

EPIKIf you are planning to teach in the English Program in Korea (EPIK) in South Korea, this will likely be your first experience teaching abroad. Going overseas is a very exiting but also challenging experience. This free preparation course will help you get the job and guide you through the process, all the way from the EPIK job application to the orientation week, your day-to-day classroom experience, and adapting to completely different culture. This course was put together by certified teachers who have years of experience teaching with EPIK in South. OnTESOL has helped thousands of teachers get the training they need to teach in South Korea and we work with an official EPIK recruitment agency to help our graduates find jobs, so we know the challenges that you will experience and how you can overcome them!

Includes Free TESOL Training Customized for EPIK Teachers!

Teaching with EPIK in South KoreaThe free teaching English with EPIK preparation course will teach you about classroom issues that are specific to teaching with EPIK, such as working with a co-teacher, teaching multi-level classes, and teaching large classes. You will also learn about TESOL methods, using resources, and lesson planning.

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  • Chapter 1: Cultural Adaptation

    You will start your teaching job within 2 weeks of arriving in South Korea, so you will not have much time to adapt to a culture that is completely different than yours. Luckily, the teaching with EPIK course includes a chapter that was specifically designed to help new teachers adapt to life in South Korea!

  • Chapter 2: Classroom Management

    This chapter will take you through different scenarios you will encounter while teaching in the English Program in Korea. It covers teaching large classes, multi-level classes, and working with the co-teacher.

  • Chapter 3: TESOL Methods For South Korea

    This chapter will introduce the different TESOL methods and teach you how to use the Communicative Approach in a system driven by rote memorization and confucianism.

  • Chapter 4: Using Resources to Replace the Textbook

    EPIK teachers are required to do all their lesson plans. This chapter will provide you with the basics on using authentic material to replace the textbook.

  • Chapter 5: Lesson Planning

    This chapter provides the fundamentals of how to do a lesson plan for teaching grammar, vocabulary, and integrated language skills using the Presentation-Practice-Production format (P-P-P). You will also have access to sample lesson plans by OnTESOL graduates.

Download Your Free EPIK Preparation Course!