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A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting Your Dream Teaching Job

Congratulations! You got your TESOL certification and now you’re ready to apply for TESOL jobs. But what is the best way to organize your resume, cover letter, and mock class preparation?

As a job coach, recruiter, and English teacher, I’ll tell you the best practices and examples you can follow to maximize your chances of getting an interview with an English teaching company and securing the job.

No matter what someone’s background is, the process of getting the TESOL job you want is the same:

    • Learn about the company, its mission, and values
    • Tailor your resume and cover letter to the job requirements
    • Show your personality

This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many applications I have seen that are generic and I can tell in a second that it is the same application they send to every other company.

Do not make this mistake!

About the Author: Melissa Chungfat is a VIPKID teacher and recruiter. You can apply for online teaching jobs through Melissa through our VIPKID profile page

Step 1: Research the Company

It’s easy to get into the numbers game and send the same applies to every company that is hiring an English teacher.

More applications, more chances, right? Wrong.

Focus more on writing quality applications and take the time to learn about the company, its mission, and its values.

I’ll use VIPKID as an example throughout this guide to walk you through the job application process you can use for any company.

How much time does this really mean?

When I applied for jobs in the past, I would never apply to more than three jobs a day because it took me hours to research the organization and customize my applications.

Remember many companies will go through hundreds of applications.

You can already stand out among most people by showing you took the time to understand and learn more about the company. Read the full article on our $39 course for online ESL teachers!

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