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ESL Spain: How I Found My First TESOL Job in Spain

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Before I went to Spain I started planning. I booked my ticket and a few months in advance I began scouring the internet for TEFL or TESOL jobs in Spain. This search produced a staggering amount of results, so it was very time consuming to weed out the good from the bad.

I deepened my internet search and eventually was lead to several general TEFL or TESOL sites that really helped. Some had a job board with postings all over Spain, including the Basque Country, and others listed English Academies all over Spain, including the Basque Country as well.

From here I began contacting the schools via email and sending an attachment of my C.V. (curriculum vitae). One big piece of advice I can give on looking for work as an English teacher is to have a great C.V. and send it to as many schools and as many times as possible. I say as many times because it is possible that the first few times it gets overlooked, put in the junk mail, or the school is simply not hiring.

After submitting my C.V. to as many schools as I could find via email I started to receive responses. All of them were pretty similar. I was sending them out in May so the school year was coming to a close and summer was starting.

There are not a lot of summer English schools or programs, but there are some, so most of the responses suggested that I try back in September or October which is when the school year starts and it is when the English academies really start to pick up business. I took this piece of advice with me as a mental note as I packed my bags and headed for Spain in June.

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