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3 Reasons To Teach English in South Korea with EPIK

Teach English in rural South Korea

I wanted to teach English abroad ever since I started university. I was young when I started my degree and I wanted to travel before I settled in my career.

I didn’t have much money to go abroad for a long period of time, so I needed to find a teach abroad program that paid well.

Initially, EPIK wasn’t even among my top 10 choices. After I learned more about South Korea and the EPIK program, I was so determined to get the job that I even took some Korean classes in my last year of university.

These are the top 3 reasons to teach English in South Korea with EPIK.

1. EPIK Sets You Up to Succeed!

Teaching more than 25 students is not easy.

The TESOL certification course may prepare you to create lessons that are fun and engaging, but you need to stand in front of all these students.

The EPIK Orientation week and my co-teacher were very valuable in helping me adapt to teaching in South Korea.

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2. Your Experience with EPIK Counts

EPIK is a program run by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

Everything that they do is very professional and your experience with EPIK will become very valuable if you want to teach abroad elsewhere.

After teaching English in South Korea for one year, I got a job at a large ESL school in Canada.

My school director told me that the main reasons he chose me were that I had experience with Korean students, who make up a large part of the student cohort, and that I had completed the TESOL Diploma program with OnTESOL.

3. EPIK will Assist You Throughout the Application Process.

The idea of teaching abroad terrified me at first.

There is a lot of stress involved in getting a work visa, moving to a country know little about, and getting an apartment.

All you have to do after passing the job interview is send your documents to your EPIK recruiter.

They will have your visa ready at the embassy, they will pick you up when you arrive in South Korea, and they will give you the keys to your own apartment.

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