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EPIK South Korea: 120-hour TESOL Certificate with Practicum

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TESOL South Korea Cultural Advice

EPIK now gives preference to applicants who complete a 20-hour Practicum on top of their TESOL online certification.

OnTESOL is one of the few online TESOL institutes that provides professional teacher training in an online format. And also allows graduates to complete a 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world.

Additionally, our graduates are able to complete a real 20-hour Practicum module. Thanks to the lesson planning skills they learn with us. Most online and weekend seminar courses consist of a short introduction to TESOL. Trainees assessed solely via reflection essays and multiple-choice tests.

Moreover, learn to create professional lesson plans using Communicative Language Teaching methods with Coventry House International-OnTESOL. Take a separate 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world and get the credentials and training you need to teach English in South Korea!

You can complete an accredited TESOL course with Practicum for under$400! EPIK places teachers at public schools, so TESOL certification with TEYL specialization is highly recommended. Canadian teachers interested in teaching English in Canada when they come back should consider completing a TESOL certification course recognized by TESL Canada.

Teaching Tips South Korea

The educational system in South Korea is driven by rote memorization and Confucianism. Also learn how the Communicative Approach fits in South Korea and teach English effectively with interesting, fun, and engaging lessons!

Then learn how to teach large ESL classes in South Korea, how to find resources and plan your lessons for multi-level classes, and how to work with a co-teacher. Get ready for the interview and show the coordinator that you prepared for the job with these articles written by OnTESOL graduates in South Korea.  

 Lesson Planning

Finally, EPIK requires candidates to submit a professional lesson plan with the initial application. If you have not taken an accredited TESOL course with OnTESOL, you can find free lesson plans written by OnTESOL graduates below. Good luck with your job application!

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