Undecided about your next TEFL / TESOL destination? Take a look at the Happy Planet Index (HPI), an alternative economic index to GDP, which measures countries’ overall well-being, including health and happiness.

At the top of the list is Costa Rica, a country that enjoys both a free market economy and a responsible government.  Many of our TESOL certificate graduates go to Costa Rica because there are many job opportunities, it’s close to home for US and Canadian teachers, and teachers can spend their weekends visiting paradisaical beaches, waterfalls, and rain forests. Furthermore, the people are very friendly and the food is amazing!

Vietnam ranks in the second position, mainly due to the low ecological footprint, which is 1.39 hectares per capita. Being one of the East Asian Tigers, Vietnam’s low ecological footprint shows the great level of efficiency and productivity that the country has achieved. 

As in Costa Rica, Vietnam enjoys beautiful natural places and the people are very nice. This wonderful country is also one of the top TESOL destinations chosen by our graduates!

Other countries from the list of top TESOL destinations are Argentina, which ranks number 17 in the HPI, Chile (19-HPI), and Thailand (20-HPI). Countries like Japan (45-HPI) and Germany (46-HPI) have large and professionally run TESOL industries. Respectively, ESL teachers enjoy the highest standard of living in all of East Asia and Europe, but it is interesting to see that these rich countries rank lower in the Happy Planet Index than many other developing countries.

Learn more about the Happy Planet Index! Watch this video or search Happy Planet Index on Wikipedia.

The HPI is a great topic for a class discussion and there are plenty of authentic materials that qualified TESOL teachers can use in their ESL classroom!

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