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TEFL South Korea EPIK Recruitment Now Open

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Ontesol has received the application package for the term that starts in February 2013. The application opens on October 4th and candidates should complete it and obtain some of the required documentation before then.

You can apply now even if you have not completed your TESOL course, but you should complete a TESOL course of at least 100 hours before the end of November to improve your chances of getting the job. Starting now, EPK has a new policy that gives priority to candidates who complete a 20-hour in-class Practicum. Ontesol graduates can choose to complete a separate 20-hour Practicum after the TESOL course.

EPIK Application:

Applicants can only use one recruiter. Contact us to request your application if you would like Ontesol to help you with recruitment. This service is free of charge. Due to a large number of applicants, Ontesol students are graduates are placed on a priority list.

For more information on work conditions and requirements, visit the EPIK Recruitment page.

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