Qualify for the Best Jobs in Chile With an Accredited TESOL Certification!

The minimum TESOL certification requirement in Chile is 120 hours, but we created a 140-hour package to help you qualify for better jobs in Chile and use the certificate to teach English in other countries if you want to continue teaching English abroad at a later stage.

TESOL Certification Package for Chile: Save $100!

  • Get Advanced Training and Credentials

    The first 120 hours will give you everything you need to teach English in Chile. This course will take you through different learning styles, the Communicative Approach, Lesson Planning, Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary Communicatively, and Teaching Integrated Language Skills. By the end of this course, you will know how to teach grammar with unique lesson plans. Instead of posting grammar rules on the board, you will know how to integrate the language point with fun speaking activities so your students learn faster. When you teach grammar using the Communicative Approach, your students have more fun and behave better because they see that they are learning with your lessons.

  • Add 20 Hours For Only $100!

    You will likely teach English to children whose parents enroll them in after school programs, so the 140-hour course with Teaching English to Young Learners specialization is perfect for teaching English in Chile. The course branches off the Communicative Language Teaching method and introduces the task-based approach to teach you how to you apply the most effective techniques in English language acquisition and teaching for young learners. This TESOL certification package is great for Chile and also for other countries in Latin America and Asia, where teaching Young Learners is the largest job market. For only $100 extra, you will get the credentials that you need to start your teaching career abroad. Study TESOL online with OnTESOL and get the best training for teaching English abroad!