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250-hour TESOL Diploma – Grammar Module

250-hour TESOL Diploma:
Pedagogical Grammar Module Syllabus

This module contains eighteen (18) chapters. The first seventeen (17) chapters describe the different parts of speech and the last chapter, Ideas for Teaching Grammar, contains information on how to teach different grammar topics, which will give you teaching ideas in preparation for the methodology module. 

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Parts of Speech
  • Chapter 2: Nouns
  • Chapter 3: Pronouns
  • Chapter 4: Articles, Determiners and Quantifiers
  • Chapter 5: Verbs
  • Chapter 6: Auxiliary and Modal Verbs
  • Chapter 7: Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Chapter 8.1: Tenses Overview
  • Chapter 8.2: Present Tenses
  • Chapter 8.3: Past Tenses
  • Chapter 8.4: Future Tenses
  • Chapter 9: Conjunctions
  • Chapter 10: Prepositions
  • Chapter 11: Adjectives
  • Chapter 12: Adverbs
  • Chapter 13: Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Chapter 14: Sentences and Clauses
  • Chapter 15: Conditionals
  • Chapter 16: Reported Speech
  • Chapter 17: Passive Voice
  • Chapter 18: Ideas for Teaching Grammar
  • Students’ Levels: Key to Grammatical Structure by Levels
  • Preparation for the Grammar Exam
  • Grammar Exam
  • Resources and Recommended Books

Each chapter contains video tutorials, quizzes, and sample exam questions with the corresponding answer keys for self-check. In addition, in the “In the Classroom” sections at the end of some chapters, you will find ideas for teaching and practicing grammar in the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) classroom.

Assessment: Final Grammar Exam

  • Demonstrate comprehension and use of correct grammatical jargon
  • Differentiate grammatical structure from functional meaning
  • Identify and explain parts of speech and grammatical patterns
  • Correct students’ errors, and explain the broken rules

Grammar Syllabus – Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL
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