Is Your CELTA Certification Course Missing a Comprehensive Grammar Module?

Most CELTA certification courses focus on methodology and teaching practice, but they provide insufficient training in grammar. The 65-hour Advanced Grammar for English Teachers course provides the training that ESL teachers need to succeed in the classroom.

Add Grammar to Your CELTA Certification Course! Fully Online!

The 65-hour Advanced Grammar Expert course for TESOL / TEFL / CELTA trainees and graduates includes:

-Course Material (online).
-Tutor support: Your tutor will be available to answer your questions.
-Practice Quizzes.
-Final Exam.
-65-hour Grammar Expert Certificate mailed anywhere in the world.
-You Can Teach Grammar: Reference book for the ESL classroom

Tuition fee: $250 CND (Approximately US$199 or GBP 135)
Trainees who pass the final grammar exam get credits toward the 250-hour TESOL Diploma program, but must pay the full TESOL Diploma fee when they register in the full 250-hour course.

Add Grammar to Your CELTA Certification Course! Fully Online!

Teach English in Vietnam - TESOL Expert Program OnTESOL graduatesGrammar is in every word we say or write! Most teachers are comfortable with teaching speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills in a communicative way, but have trouble with integrating grammar in those lessons. In order to teach grammar communicatively and be able integrate a grammar lesson with a vocabulary and/or language skills lesson, ESL teachers must first understand complex grammar functions and structures. After completing the Advanced Grammar Expert course, you will have a solid foundation to create effective grammar lesson plans, identify students’ mistakes, and answer difficult students’ questions.

250-hour TESOL Diploma vs CELTA Certification

Get the full TESOL Diploma program for only $975! Why spend over $2,000 on a 4-week CELTA certification course when you can get better training with Coventry House International-OnTESOL! The 250-hour course is fully online and it includes advanced training in grammar, methodology, and phonology. Graduates who complete a separate 20-hour Practicum are eligible for TESL Canada accreditation. Developed in 2003, the TESOL Diploma program is the first online course that offers more training than a CELTA certification course.