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TESOL Spain: Should I Teach Adults or Children?

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I have been teaching English in sunny Spain for a while now, and I have gained experience teaching both adults and children.

Perhaps you are planning on doing a TESOL course in the near future, or maybe you have recently passed the course, and the question has recently crossed your mind: ‘Do I want to teach adults or children?’

In this article, I am going to give you an insight into both.

Teaching Adults in Spain

For most new teachers in Spain, teaching adults is generally more preferred than teaching children.

The thinking behind this is usually that adults are easier to teach than children because children misbehave, and (for the most part) it’s true.

Adults already know how to behave, and they are all attending English classes out of choice. This means that they’re usually much more attentive and interested in what you’re teaching.

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There are two types of adult learners; those that are trying to pass an exam, and those that want a hobby in their free time.

Both of these types of learners require different teaching methods and the style of the lesson will usually be different.

For an adult learner taking an exam, their level of English will already be quite high, and they will be highly motivated in learning as much as they can. These classes will usually include a lot more grammar teaching than casual learners.

Teaching English to those that want a hobby will usually be at a much lower level and the learning will be slower, as the motivation will not be as high.

There is usually a more relaxed vibe to these classes, with games and music incorporated.

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Teaching Children in Spain

Teaching English to children can be highly rewarding for many reasons. Children progress quickly, and seeing that progress is very satisfying.

Being a role model is also rewarding.

From a teaching point of view, the level of English will not usually be too high, and while it’s tiring, playing tons of games, songs and videos are also extremely fun.

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TESOL Spain: Adults or Children?

The choice is yours.

Teaching adults and teaching children require different teaching styles for different needs, and while you may know which you would prefer, the best way to find out is to jump in at the deep end give it a go.

Good luck!

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