In my blog series, I will write about teaching English in Spain. I hope to provide you with valuable advice on cultural adaptation, job hunting, and teaching.

Getting TESOL Certified to Teach English in Spain

I completed my TESOL certificate and TEYL certificate courses with OnTESOL in the summer of 2010. These guys were great. All of my studies were completed online while I was in Spain teaching summer classes at a small English school.

After completion of my training, I returned to California for a few months before I decided to move indefinitely to Spain.

Love – Why I Came to Spain to Teach English

Life is funny because I never really thought I would move to Spain, but after meeting a young Spanish girl I decided I wanted to go check it out. I immediately fell in love with the culture and the people. However, I must clarify that I am actually in the Basque country which some locals do not consider it to be Spain. There is a very strong sense of Basque pride and separatism here.

When I first came to the Basque country, it was for love and vacation. Upon my arrival, my girlfriend suggested that I teach English since I was a native speaker and she knew that there was a high demand for English teachers.

So I began looking into taking a TEFL or TESOL certificate and once I graduated from OnTESOL it was much easier to find work. I have been here cumulatively for about 10 months and have had the opportunity to work in several academies and programs.

Stay tuned! In the next blog, I will write more on the job-hunting process.

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