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TESOL Russia: Have Fun Teaching English in Samara

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Samara is an amazing city in the European part of Russia. It’s located on the shores of the beautiful Volga river. About 1,200,000 people live here.

It’s a fast-growing city, specializing mainly in industrial production, aircraft and spacecraft industry, and agriculture. In 2018, Samara is going to welcome guests from all over the world for the FIFA World Cup.

It’s a very dynamic city with lots of opportunities for both locals and international ESL teachers. Wonderful scenic nature, care of the old city part, and modern infrastructure make Samara a really interesting place to live.

For those who love nature, there is a fantastic place right near the city. Samarskaya Luka is a state national park. It has a huge territory that is the perfect place for summer outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, or mountain biking.

There are lots of places to camp here. Staying the night there makes you feel like living in complete wilderness and freedom.

You can relax, sleep, and cook below the open sky! Samarskaya Luka is a really exceptional place: there is a great combination of forests, mountains, meadows, and plains.

You may simply walk everywhere on your own, watch fantastic scenery, wild animals, and take photos. You may also take a guided tour to visit the most wonderful sights, including caves and kilometers-long abandoned mines.

Being very ancient, this land attracts tourists with its legends and mysteries, some “sacred” points, where wishes come true. People also enjoy swimming, the Volga is incredibly clean there, and very wide, so the view is incredible.

The most favourite place for residents and guests is the embankment. The embankment of Samara is voted the longest and most beautiful in Russia. Every day thousands of people walk there enjoying wonderful sights of the Volga, riding bikes and skating. Dozens of cozy cafes, outdoor restaurants, and clubs offer great cuisine and a relaxing experience.

Kuibyshev Square is the largest square in Europe. It’s a fantastic place to go for a walk or skate. All big parades, music concerts, outdoor shows, exhibitions, and festivals take place there. You may also go to the beautiful Opera Theatre, which is on the square. The biggest celebrations are New Year and Christmas.

The main entertainment in winter is sports. It takes less than one hour to get from the city to Krasnaya Glinka, a beautiful ski and snowboard resort.

With so many sights Samara is a perfect place to live or visit. Every season offers different activities, so everyone can find something attractive here.

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