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OnTESOL Graduate: Traveling Through New Zealand

When it is springtime in New Zealand, there is a temperature difference between the tropical air of the South Pacific and the Antarctic air to the south. When these winds collide over these islands, it produces extreme weather and high winds. And so here in the “land of the long white cloud,” we wait for our lovely warm weather to come around.

Last spring, my son and I decided to take a road trip. Having spent most of my life in North America (Mexico and the U.S.), we decided to travel to the southern hemisphere Spring equinox.

Doubtless Bay

Our first night traveling through New Zealand was in Doubtless Bay, where we found a motel with stunning views of the bay and the best fish and chips I ever tasted in a small restaurant right by the water.

The next day, my son, a surfer, informed me that we were only a few minutes from a beach. It is where visited by both Bill Gates and Johnny Depp during their respective stays.

So off we went to Shipwrecks Bay, this beach is on Maori land and is accessed by a gate. It was yet another discovery that only a drive through New Zealand can offer. Yes, this is why I advise my students not to judge this place for having small cities. The real New Zealand is just off the road.

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