OnTESOL offers accredited TESL courses in an online format. Get certified quickly to teach English abroad and travel the world! Even if you do not have any teaching experience, our TESL courses will prepare you for the job in less than a month. Get the skills and credentials that you need to teach English anywhere in the world!

Testimonial – Robert Dawe – Teaching in Vietnam “I found the OnTESOL course to be a great learning experience from beginning to end. My tutor, Danielle Wilson, provided constructive feedback at each stage which helped me to continually make improvements. The three PDFs provided were very informative and clearly laid out and I will refer back to them during my teaching career. I would certainly recommend your course to others.”

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All Our TESL Courses Include Grammar!

Understanding grammatical rules and how these rules convey meaning is an essential part of any TESL course.

Few native-English speakers take grammar lessons in school and many TESL courses skip this essential module, so teachers are unprepared when they encounter advanced ESL students who have been taking ESL lessons for years.

Why Learn Phonology?

Teaching pronunciation is not just about helping students reduce their foreign accents. How we say our words have a significant impact on the end message that we want to express, yet few teachers dedicate a part of their lessons to teaching phonology because they do not study it during their TESL course.

Why is Methodology The Most Important Part of a TESL Course?

The ESL lesson is a place to replicate the real English-speaking world. Yes, students have to learn the grammar and phonology rules, but their end goal is not to memorize what these rules are. Their goal is to speak like we do so that they can get high-paying jobs, travel, or interact with our media. The TESL course offered by OnTESOL will teach you how to present a language point in context and create opportunities for your students to communicate so that they can succeed in the English-speaking world.

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