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Teach English in Canada with a TESOL Diploma Recognized by TESL Canada

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TESL Canada sets the standards for professional teacher training in Canada and recognizes programs delivered by private TESOL institutes, colleges, and universities.

TESL Canada accreditation is required to teach English at language schools in Canada. Few ESL schools hire teachers who are not TESL Canada certified for a full-time position.

TESL Canada accreditation is also highly recognized worldwide for meeting the same standards as the UK-based CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL certificate programs.

TESL Canada levels include Standard 1 certification (120-hour TESOL program with Practicum), Standard 2 certification (250-hour TESOL program with Practicum), and Standard 3 certification (MA Degree).

About OnTESOL – TESOL Certification Canada

OnTESOL’s 250-hour online TESOL Diploma is recognized by TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 2 upon completion of a 20-hour Practicum.

OnTESOL offers quality and recognized teacher training at an affordable price. Course material and professional tutor support are included in the tuition fee.

We have trained and certified thousands of teachers since 2003 and language schools from Canada continue to send their new teachers to train with us because they trust our quality TESOL Diploma program.

Teach Abroad with TESL Canada – Advanced Training

An accredited TESL course is required by language schools in Canada and can open the doors to the most lucrative opportunities abroad. Get certified to teach English in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, or Australia with OnTESOL and TESL Canada. You don’t need to be Canadian to take the best TESOL certification course!

This program is open to native speakers from USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Non-native speakers with a proficient level of English may also apply!

Our graduates are teaching all over the world and our 250-hour TESOL Diploma program has helped many people pursue better opportunities as an IELTS examiner, a Director of Studies, or a book author. Some graduates have opened their own school!

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