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TESOL Jobs In Taiwan

TESOL Jobs in Taiwan

Job Market

Taiwan became one of the Four Asian Tigers partly due to its geographical location, as Taipei is one of the largest port cities in the continent. The country’s thriving economy drives a constant demand for ESL teachers, who are placed at both public schools and private ESL institutes.

Taiwan has been Asia’s economic engine for over three decades, and the level of English is very good among prominent business people. Therefore, TEYL is in higher demand than Business English lessons. Conversational lessons, however, is a good niche for Business English teachers, allowing them to earn extra income by offering private one-to-one lessons.


Taiwan is a great place to save money. ESL teachers earn US$1,500 to $2,500 per month, plus full or subsidized accommodation and other benefits.

Minimum requirements

University degree
120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate for private ESL institutes
Teaching license for public schools

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