20-hour Teaching Grammar Workshop

The 20-hour Teaching Grammar Workshop is exclusive for OnTESOL graduates. This workshop is perfect for new teachers who wish to polish their teaching grammar skills and be better prepared for the job.

How will The Teaching Grammar Workshop Help You?

-Practice teaching grammar communicatively at different levels.
-Practice using authentic material with different levels.
-Understand how your lesson planning skills are key to curriculum development.

Create a Portfolio of Lesson Plans!

This workshop is perfect for new teachers who wish to create a portfolio of ready-to-use lesson plans in order to show prospective employers the ability to teach grammar communicatively and collaborate with the Director of Studies in curriculum development tasks.

Get Tutor Support!

A senior OnTESOL trainer with international experience working as Director of Studies will assist you throughout the program. You will have an initial discussion with your tutor about the challenges that you are facing in the classroom and your tutor will provide you with a list of topics that you need to cover in your lessons.

About the Teaching Grammar Workshop

You will be required to send a total of 5 lesson plans to your tutor for marking and feedback. In order to graduate from this program, you will need to finish every lesson plan with at least 90%. You will have a maximum of 3 chances to correct your lesson plans.

Trainees who participate in this program will be guided through the course material of the OnTESOL course they completed to create lesson plans specific to their needs. Trainees will also receive a free copy of the You Can Teach Grammar reference book to help them find activities and lesson planning ideas for their grammar lessons (The book is only available in the USA, Canada, and the UK).

Tution Fee and Scholarship Program

Fee: $250

Scholarship program: Star OnTESOL graduates may receive the 20-hour Teaching Grammar Workshop free of charge. One scholarship is available every month. Contact us for more information.