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Teach English in Czech Republic

Teach English in The Czech Republic

At the heart of the continent, the Czech Republic acts as the gateway between Western and Eastern Europe. This unique and enchanting area of the world is home to winding cobblestone streets, grand architecture, picturesque red roofs, and a never-ending supply of beer. While most tourists flock to the capital of Prague, there are so many other dimensions to this landlocked country that are fairly unexplored by most travelers. Rolling hills, hidden lakes, and ancient forests provide natural outlets for city-dwellers, while rural residents can enjoy the slower-paced country lifestyle of times long-forgotten in other parts of the world. As the country’s economy and sure-footedness in the EU business climate continue to strengthen, so, too, has residents’ need for speaking English. Although European citizens have the benefit of the English-speaking wild fire phenomenon in daily life (thanks to tourism), public schools, universities, and private language academies are still in need of native speakers to give their students the boost they need in order to compete in the global workplace.

Job Hunting Tips for The Czech Republic

Applications considered for a teaching job in the Czech Republic will coincide with the regular school year. Most positions star in September, and employees are expected to remain for the duration of the two school terms, through to the end of June. However, ESL teachers can be hired throughout the year, especially during the break between terms and throughout the government mandated holiday periods. Read: Salaries and Requirements in the Czech Republic

Language institutes are not as popular in Europe as other countries, so your best bet is to search for jobs within public schools and universities. However, institutes do exist for adults aiming to advance themselves professionally and for immigrants looking to find a common language in the workforce. Using a reputable recruiter, or an internet search for specific schools will prove most fruitful in obtaining a job here. Searching upon arrival into the country will really only work for European citizens and, even then, word-of-mouth will not typically guarantee much.

What You Need to Teach English in The Czech Republic

Working in the Czech Republic requires following EU visa regulations. With the formation of the Schengen region, this can be challenging for teachers of certain nationalities. The country’s visa structure allows both short and long-term permits, but procuring one of these often involves a lengthy process. While working under the table via private lessons or with language institutes that are less fussy about following the rules is still an option, it isn’t as commonplace as it is in, say, South America.

Because the language is so commonly spoken throughout the continent, paying students have high standards for their teachers. Having a TESOL certificate is necessary for teachers seeking to join the ESL market in the Czech Republic, as Europe, in general, is competitive. A Bachelors degree in teaching or English is also almost always required, as is previous experience. Learning a bit of Czech will certainly be helpful, as having a national as a co-teacher is not guaranteed. There are several Czech government sites that detail the specific requirements for teaching in public schools.