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The level of lesson plan that you will learn to create in an advanced TESOL certificate course will put you above everyone else when applying for TESOL jobs. More importantly, your lesson planning skills will prepare you as a reflective and independent teacher, which means that you will have the skills to adapt the boring textbook and eventually develop a full curriculum with original lesson plans. This is a very valuable skill to have because it will help you enjoy your job and pursue a lucrative career in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Sample Lesson Plans by OnTESOL Graduates

Phrasal Verbs and Integrated Skills TESOL Lesson Plan Using a TV Show

This lesson plan uses a famous TV show to teach Phrasal Verbs and integrate a grammar lesson with speaking and listening skills.

Using a Song to Teach Perfect Modals

This Communicative Approach lesson plan uses a popular song to integrate a grammar lesson with listening comprehension and speaking skills.

Teaching Vocabulary and Reading Skills

This vocabulary lesson plan teaches Similes through reading comprehension and integrates writing and speaking skills.

Watch The Video Below to See How a Good Lesson Plan Becomes a Fun Grammar Class!

Get Your TESOL Certificate with OnTESOL!

When you take a TESOL course with OnTESOL, we guarantee that you will learn how to teach any grammar topic and integrate your lessons with fun activities and meaningful authentic materials.

Other introductory TEFL courses will teach you about lesson planning, but they will not give you the opportunity to create a full lesson plan and assess your teaching skills. Some will ask you to complete an outline of a plan, but this is not the same as creating a full lesson plan. That is why introductory TEFL courses such as those offered by Teach Away, Oxford Seminars, MyTEFL, and I-to-I are not internationally recognized. You can probably get an entry-level job in East Asia and Latin America with their certification, but you will not be prepared to pursue a lucrative and meaningful career and you will face many challenges in a lot of countries. The advanced TESOL certificate courses offered by OnTESOL will give you everything that you need to teach English wherever your dreams may take you. That’s what makes OnTESOL different from other TESOL schools!