TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL by OnTESOL TEFL is your passport to paid teaching jobs abroad. Teaching English is perfect if you want to experience a gap-year abroad or transition into a new career. We have met people from all ages and educational backgrounds; from young university graduates who want to take a year off and travel the world, to experienced teachers in search of more exciting opportunities abroad, to stock brokers in search of a more meaningful career. If you have a degree in any field, then you can take a TEFL course to get certified to teach English worldwide!

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What Credentials Do I Need to Teach English ?

TEFL courseThe minimum requirement for most entry-level jobs is a 100-hour TEFL certification. The best courses are recognized by TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, and/or Cambridge CELTA, such as the OnTESOL courses developed by Coventry House International.

Where Can I Go with an Accredited TEFL Course?

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If you are a new teacher looking for fun gap-year opportunities, the best options are: South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Costa Rica. If you have an EU passport, then Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic are great options too! Experienced teachers can pursue more lucrative opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Germany (Germany allows North American teachers to enter the country on a work visa).

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What Makes a Good TEFL Certification Course?


A comprehensive grammar module of at least 20 hours is crucial. It is not possible to teach grammar communicatively without first understanding the grammatical structures and functions. Very few teacher training courses offer training in grammar. OnTESOL will teach you grammar and then test you via exams and lesson plans where you apply this knowledge in a communicative lesson.


Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods are the most effective and engaging for teaching English. In the 250-hour TEFL certification course you will learn how to use various CLT methods and lesson planning formats. In the 120-hour TEFL certification course you will learn to use the Communicative Approach and the Task-Based Learning approach. In the 100-hour TEFL certification course you will learn to use the Communicative Approach.


This module is very important because better intonation and accent reduction help students to express meaning more effectively. All our courses include a comprehensive phonology module.